What do you offer?
Casting Days is a dedicated acting showcase service that works with professional actors who are looking to change the direction of their career, get industry exposure and be involved in something new!
We organise all the logistics surrounding a showcase and give you all the necessary tools to make sure that you attract as many industry related visitors as possible.
What theatre do you use?
Casting Days understand that in order to get agents and casting directors to attend, the theatre needs to be very central! The theatre we use is the Jermyn Street Theatre, Piccadilly; Winner of The Stage’s Fringe Theatre of the Year Award.
I’m an actor, why should I do an acting showcase?
An acting showcase gives you the opportunity to invite casting directors, agents, directors, writers, producers and other industry to see you perform. Our central location increases your chances of attracting the right industry and ensuring you get the best audience possible. Many actors struggle with the vicious cycle of needing an agent to get work but needing work to get an agent. A showcase gives you a show to be in and what’s more you get to choose what pieces you perform. This ensures that you show yourself in the best possible light and gives you a great platform to showcase your skills. So even if you are fortunate enough to already have an agent, a showcase can be a great way to market yourself to casting directors, producers, directors etc.
What are the entry criteria?
You will need to have trained at an accredited drama school or have three professional credits on your CV. You will also need to be at least 18 years old.
Do I need to know about organising a showcase?
No. We organise everything for you so that you can concentrate on giving your best performance.
Will I definitely get an agent?
The showcase is absolutely not a ‘ticket to an agent’. Remember that doing a showcase is about so much more than just getting an agent. You get to meet like- minded people, learn about promoting yourself, develop your letter-writing skills and network etc. It’s great fun, and if you do end up landing an agent then that’s brilliant. We would never promise that though.
What will I perform?
One monologue and one duologue
What pieces should I choose?
The monologue is your own choice. For the duologue we will pair you up with showcase actor and give you an option to try. You and your duologue partner can either decide to go for the piece we supply or you can find another piece. We’re flexible around you.
How many people are in a showcase?
We do not cast more than 12 actors per showcase. This is so there is a nice balance between giving you maximum stage time and having enough people in a showcase to encourage industry members to come and watch.
What is the industry turnout like at your showcases?
We organise all the logistics surrounding a showcase however getting the audience there is up to the actors. We give you all the necessary tools to make sure that you attract as many industry related visitors as possible and we will help you by promoting the showcase to our existing base of industry contacts. Ultimately though it is up to you to ensure you get the best turnout possible. This is why we aren’t just looking for great actors but proactive actors as well. In the three years we have been running acting showcases, we have always had industry attend.
Do you charge to audition?
Absolutely not! You should never, ever have to pay to audition for anything. If anyone ever asks you to pay to audition then walk away. It is a scam!
How much does the showcase cost?
£175 + VAT
Who attends your showcases?
A selection of our previous audience members have included:
North One Management
Proteus Theatre Company
New Faces Talent Agency
Rosebery Management
Olivia Bell Agency
Independent Management
Visionary Talent
Half Mask Agency
Sell A Door Theatre Company
Stage Centre Management
Marlowes Personal Management
AXM Management
Denmark Street Management
Ladida Management
Ronnie Marshall Agency
Kenneth Earle Personal Management
Benjamin Newsome – Casting Director
Richard Evans – Casting Director
Robbie Spencer Ashworth – Jeremy Zimmerman Casting
Tavistock Wood Talent & Literary Agency
APM Associates
Bunny Fildes – Casting Director
Davis Prior Associates
I’ve trained at drama school. Why should I do one of your showcases?
Being an actor is all about trying again and again until that something you are looking for happens. We often cast actors in our showcases who have been to drama school but were unsuccessful in getting an agent. This isn’t necessarily anything to do with your talent and could be down to simple things like an agent who would have signed you was busy that day. Some of the actors we have previously cast come back to do a second showcase with us before finally securing an agent or getting a particular industry guest to attend. It’s all about perseverance.
Do you accept actors under 18?
Once the showcase is done, is that it?
After the showcase, complimentary drinks will be available for the audience and served by us, so that you can focus on networking with the industry guests, speaking to the audience and giving out headshots and CVs etc.
Actors are provided with a full audience list after the show so that you can follow up with any industry guests who attended the showcase; an extremely important aspect to any acting showcase. We are also able to help you with any follow-up letters you write to industry guests as well as any general help or advice you may need after the showcase.
How do I apply to audition?
Please see here.
Can I see one of your acting showcases before deciding if this is for me?
Absolutely! Our next acting showcase date can be found here. We look forward to meeting you.